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Project stages

With over 30 years of experience, our business model is based on seeing our projects from design through to completion. We assist our clients through the entire process to ensure that they not only receive a successful building project, but also there is guidance throughout the entire process.

The key steps to a successful design+Construct project

The undertaking of a building project is a process that requires a definition of the project parameters and requirements and establishment of a scope of works. There are many key indicators that create the basis of a project, the main driver being budget. This is irrespective of whether the project is a simple renovation or addition, a complete transformation, or a major build ie: new home, dual occupancy.

    The process in ensuring a smooth project are

  • Initial design brief.
  • Design concept drawings.
  • Sign off and progression to working drawings.
  • Council DA or CDC submission.
  • Approvals and building contracts.
  • Construction Stage
  • Project Completion

Initial Design Brief

The establishment of the design brief is primarily based on the clients ”wishlist” and special requirements for their home. In consultation with you, we will be able to provide solutions to meet your needs.

Design concept drawings

Once the design brief has been established, we will proceed with the preparation of Sketch Plans. At this stage we discuss budget, finishes, materials etc.

Sign off and progression to working drawings:

Upon sign off of the design concept, we start on the preparation of working drawings. These drawings become the basis for both the consenting authority( council or PCA) and the building phase of the project.

Council DA or CDC submission

All required documentation is prepared for submission of a development application to the relevant council. We also explore if the project can be assessed under complying development. From our years of experience we have alliances with numerous specialised consultants ie: heritage planners, independent town planners,acoustic consultants, structural/hydraulic engineers etc. With an abundance of commissions in all aspects of residential developments, we have established strong a strong rapport with all the Eastern Suburbs councils.

Approvals and Building Contracts

Once we have received either a development consent from council or a CDC approval, we progress to preparation of a construction certificate and signing of a formal building contract.

Construction Stage

Where the fun starts!Depending on the particular project and scope of works, a schedule is developed outlining the stages of construction. We highlight that renovating and building in general has its moments. There is dust, noise,and a constant stream of tradies in your house for a prolonged length of time. Attention to detail is paramount. We work closely with the client to ensure the design progresses from a plan to reality, and built to our high standards. Our trades are specialised in their field and have a lot of experience in residential projects.

The good news is the end result.

Project Completion

At completion we take the client through the final product and ensure they are totally satisfied. The final inspection is arranged and we work to obtain an occupation certificate. Once obtained, handover is done and the job complete!